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Originally Posted by Kana-Baba
I do not want to make any comment about Turkey, whatever they are doing I assume doing at their own will and doesn’t necessarily be the absolute expression of secularism. You are trying to show examples from different places, this and that - where may or may not be the ideal secularism exists.

What I would like to stick to is to have a secular and modern state system, where people will pursue their faith, but not the state (and the state should not create any obstacles on practicing people’s rituals, as long as that do not questions the authority of the state and violates basic human rights).

And I do not see the difference between secularism and freedom of speech. Secularism is definitely not the absence of religion. Period.

You, my friend are not getting the core idea of secularism, so no point to argue. I give up. Bye.
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