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Originally Posted by shaad
Tigers eye,

Bash dite chachchhilam na. And I'm not trying to be a pessimist or paranoid either; I just think it's a good idea to look at potential risks in every situation and trying to be prepared for them, instead of having a rosy pollyannaish outlook where one believes nothing can go wrong. I mean, by now, our cricket team should have taught us that, na?

Here's a nice little video discussing the very same issue by a high school science teacher.

You are right. We should look at all the risks but not by telling the whole world Bangladesh will be drowned. He is not denying the fact that we are at risk but what he is saying is that portraying bad image of Bangladesh is not going to help because we might receive some donations but then what are those donations going to do? Instead we should have different approach to this problem and at the same time keep the image good so that we have more investments coming in. We can only fight these problems when we are economically strong country. He is not telling us facts but an assumption so is the case for those who advocates about global warming that it is not fact but an assumption and it is slowly becoming a fact. Now, from what I understand by reading his article or his point of view is that he is not up for those who portray Bangladesh's image bad and it is true that it is having a bad effect on Bangladesh. The whole world knows that Bangladesh is going to drown in 50-60 years. Now that is scary because I can tell you a true story about one my relative. He happened to be millionaire in NY and he wanted to invest in Bangladesh but even for him being an bengali decided not to go for investments in Bangladesh and it is all because of the drowning reason. It is not always the big investors who can turn a country's economy but also small investors and businesses that can do good for the economy. If you take cricket for example, Mushfiqur Rahim is doing bad but Jimmie Sidon said he is going to be the “golden boy” of Bangladesh cricket. We all know he is just saying this to make him feel good and somehow trying to make his image good to people. He did that with Tamim and Zunaid at the same time sorting their problems. It is very important in this world to be positive and work out your problems at the same time. This is exactly Jimmie Sidon is doing for our cricket and we need to do same for our country. This is the world where only positive wins!
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