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Originally posted by 200SX
Currently tigers r doin well in test cricket. But i think we've lack of good varieties of strike bowlers.... Coz our main pace bowlers r fallin in injury frequently.... n we've few good spinners. other thing is new quality bowlers r not comin out as like as the new quality batsmans r coming.... so we always havin lack of strike bowlers b4 ne tour which is effectin the tour all da way. Wat the cricket board shud do to solve it???
Look, everyone has this problem. Genuine, match-winning strike bowlers are a rare commodity, whether they're fast, slow or something in between.

The focus needs to be on developing bowlers so they're good enough ... every fast bowler needs either raw speed or line and length, and two of a good inswinger, a good outswinger, a good leg cutter or a good off cutter. Offspinners need consistent line and length. Legspinners need a variety of deliveries.

Oh yeah, and the fielding needs to be top-notch. Catches win matches, and run-outs turn games.

Do those things, and you'll have a bowling attack where everyone can chip in for 2-3 wickets, even if Mushrafe is injured.
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