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Originally Posted by cricket_king
I guess it also depends on how much you follow cricket and the opportunities you get to play. I've learnt my cricket through television and by playing against a wall. By following what commentators suggest and watching the batsmen on tv, all I have to do is apply it, or at least try to, by throwing a ball onto a wall and hitting on the rebound. I know it sounds like a pretty pathetic way to practice, but it works for me, works very well in fact, and you can focus on all aspects of your batting.

The kids in your "paara" may not have had the opportunity to follow cricket like me. In my opinion, you don't need coaches or anything like that to become competent in any aspect of cricket. It's all about how much time you put into it, and how well you understand the game.
The point I am trying to make, and you seem rather oblivious to, is that not every lad playing cricket in Bangladesh is like you, and that many of these lads make it into the professional circuit and and in some cases, the national team. No one is denying that you are talented or that you have a good understanding of the game (though, mind you, we've only got your word for it; we haven't actually seen you play); the point is that most kids might not have your inherent understanding or appreciation of footwork simply from watching television, and do require coaching to develop decent basics. How else would you explain what appears to be terrible footwork by some members of our national team?
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