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The subcontinental players do not want to take coaching as a career choice seriously. People such as Gavaskar, Imran or Bedi have no reason to run after more accolades after what they achieved in their cricketing lives. They all belong to the upper echelons of society and do not need the gruelling routine of coaching. Some have the easy job of playing with the microphone which also pays handsomely.

It's the culture. These guys wern not any less dedicated than Grinidge, Woolmer, Pybus or others as cricketers. The lifestyle and the consequential choices are vastly different. In Bangladesh, the millonaires do not work. After working hard for their money, they don't build industries or do R&D. They relax, sit back and watch their money grow. Same with these cricketers.

Think of Woolmer's daily life: Flying all over the world, consulting every kind of competitive sports, even businesses, keeping himself up-to-date with all the high -tech tools that are coming up, reading up on all new psychological profiling tests and what not. I'm sure in the process, he is building enormous wealth for himself amongst other things. In the subcontinent, things are different. We are easily satisfied, believe deeply in afterlife, and lose interest in success based on our ideology and theological reasoning.

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