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Did any of them write article in Banglcricket? I could not find any article with the nick you used.
Yes. Your search wasn't good enough. Try again.

If their nicks will not be included in the article, then please do not post invitataion to specific nicks.
As mentioned earlier, including nicks in the article is the sole discretion of the author. And we always respect the wishes of the author as long as possible.

There is no reason not to use forum nicks in any forum post.

But such invitation in the message board will further raise the issue, why should I not have the right to know the real name of the writers?
Raise what issue? Its not your right to know, rather, its their right to keep or disclose their identity.

Either let the members know the real names of the nicks and vice versa or just do not invite somebody with specific nicks in an open forum.
Bad request. See above.
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