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1. Tried again. But failed. Do I need the help of a Moderator or Super moderaor. Should I request somebody?

Is it not the link for the Articles. Sorry my pc may have some problem or I may not understand well how to find it out. Please help.

May I note that only similarity I could find is in between “F. Waliullah” and “Fwuallah”. Are they same? How should I confirm? There are many similar nicks like abs and abhs, chinaman and chinanan, sage and sagex, rafik and rafiq.

I could also find one Masum Billah, is it the same to billah? Again, I find no way to confirm. I know at least 50 billah, who has different first name.

Or should I search an off-topic issue like Forget Cricket forum and Introduce Yourself to know about a nick? Why should Article related matters not be known from the Article link or from the same thread. Also why should I search there when I know that most real names are not available there?

2. “As mentioned earlier, including nicks in the article is the sole discretion of the author. And we always respect the wishes of the author as long as possible.”- Did I complain about that in my post? But the way it has been written means that they write regularly. I immediately rushed to Article section. But could find nobody there. If a respectable member in a forum posts in that way, I have to believe that. But why should I not find article related information in article related links.

"There is no reason not to use forum nicks in any forum post.”
Defnitely it is. But you are introducing some nicks as writers in a forum post, but not allowing a visitor to read an article written by him/her. Say, I like Arnab’s postings and after your introduction I came to know that he is a writer as well. I want to read an article by him. What is the way? If no, then what is the meaning of such introduction?

3. “Raise what issue? Its not your right to know, rather, its their right to keep or disclose their identity.”

This is simply illogical. I have the right to know from the poster about the content of any of his post. You have introduced some nicks as writers. Now it is my right to ask, please introduce me with some of their articles written for Bangla Cricket. This is very much in the posting guidelines.

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, the authors should have the right not to disclose their names if they do not post in the message board. If he posts an article in a message board, he will be gifting me the right to know his real name, if it will be posted as an article in the front page or elsewhere. If two names (in the front page and the message board) are different, then I will naturally again have the right to confirm if they are the same o r not. If they send their articles by other means like u2u or e-mail or post…, I have nothing even to ask.
But if some nicks are introduced as authors by any member, I should have the right to ask the poster about the writings of those nicks.

Please note that I am writing to a member (Chinaman wrote as a member only as his signature says). I am envious to see a member know all these nicks as writers, but I know none! Although I do not possibly spend time less than anybody in the forum for Banglacricket.

4. “Bad request. See above. “

Worst evaluation. Thanks to God that Chinaman did not write as a super moderator this time, rather wrote as a member only. I could avoid the shock since the worst ever I experienced evaluation did not come from “chinaman”, who is always in my top list as a moderator in any Bangladeshi forums I visited/participated.

Finally the only statement that was not quoted while replying is" I know some or all of them are contributing for articles.". Was it intentional to make a valid issue invalid?

Thanks again.

A trouble maker

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