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Originally posted by billah
Dear abhs, It is my humble request to you: Please drop this "Name/Nic" non-issue for ever. If you write a piece for BC, just pick what you like and let the mods know. Behuda pani ghola korar to kono karon dekhina. You have been at it for a while & frankly, I don't see any point to it whatsoever.
Dear Billah,
Thanks. I know above all we should focus on the lone point of Bangladesh Cricket.
But I am sorry that I disagree to accept it as a non-issue. After the point was raised, there were extensive discussions among the moderators, as it was earlier informed by one of the super moderators. Also the moderators came up with certain decisions. Bushido Tigers nick was even included. I am thankful to them for all these. At least, I am lucky that I can know the name of the authors, who agree to disclose.

But my post was replied only after a further inquiry by post. Till then I was in the dark. If there will be any policy related issue or guideline for the members, it should be informed to the members. If not, any member can inquire and ask about the confusion or anti policy matter.

Since it was not done, I had to inquire further. Also while respecting "writers" right, at the same time I want to see my right would not be disregarded.

Finally. no, I do not, better to say can not , write articles. So there is no question that I want to publish or send articles etc....... . This is the reason I respect all who write and show curisity to know more about those who have this god-gifted quality.

Thanks again.


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