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ok all of u, calm down. i can see the point of abhs. there is a gap between articles and posts. and being unable to link them is bothering him, as it did to me too for a while.

but, there is one thing i'm 100% sure about, regardless of what others, even the mods think. if someone wants to keep his/her identity as a writer secret, he/she should be able to do that.

my own feeling at the beginning was that, the article writers felt far away people to me than the forum members. for those writers who don't mind, closing this distance will not be a bad idea.

to chinaman: u can trust me on this, closing this gap will increase the number of articles u get. i'm telling this from my own experience. when i started here, i was warmly greeted by X (i'm not revealing that identity since i'm not sure he wents it or not). i had a few posted-discussion here. when i saw an article by him, i was surprised. i felt like if he can write such as good article, shouldn't i try some? since we both post same type of writing in message board? my first article was completely inspired by him.

to abhs again: stay in here more, u'll eventually learn most of the connections between nick and name. to give u the first step on it, i'll reveal my name here (as if its hidden anyway, anyone can visit my website and can know all). i had a very few articles in there with the name "rubu islam".

to all: anyone else care to close the gap between nick and name? mind revealing it here?
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