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"I know some or all of them are contributing for articles" was a correct comment and needed no answer from me.

"Yes, as I mentioned earlier, the authors should have the right not to disclose their names if they do not post in the message board."

Authors have that right without any condition attached.

If you follow the posted articles (not via u2u or email), you will see that it was posted as a "post" only and we request the poster to publish it as an article. If and only if we get the permission, we proceed to place it in the front page. So the poster-turned-authors do not loose their right just because they are kind enough to allow us to publish.

We routinely ask authors if they want their nicks be mentioned with the article. A few says yes, most remain silent. We CANNOT publish any identifiable info without their approval. Period.

To make it little more clear, let's say you wrote a nice post about the boxing incident and upon reading I requested you to allow us to publish the post as a front page article. You were kind enough to give the permission. Next thing we request you to give us your real name to give it more professional look and that if you are uncomfortable giving your name, please let us know and we'll work something out. We also ask about the nick.

Now, say, you give us your name and did not answer about the nick (sometimes we ask one more time), does it give us the right to disclose at the bottom of the article that this author has the forum nick of abhs? Of course not. (Even if I claim to have that right, it is always nice to respect someone's wishes who already respected my request.) Curious minds might already figure that out, but still we'll respect your wish.

If someone is not ready to give up his right, he should not ask others to give up their's. (Did I say it correctly?)

I'm not going to discuss about the authors that you raised question about because I do not have the right to associate their real names with their nicks. Having said that, you should be able to figure out a few by yourself with confidence. And of course, I can request any member, writer or nonwriter including yourself, to write for us.

At conclusion, I'd say that it is our policy not to associate real name with nick in the article without written permission from the author.


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