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Dear abhs

I must praise you to be so persistant on this issue. U2U members and moderators, post the same messages over and over again, include it in multiple "report post" and what not.

Did I not make it clear, both in post and u2u, that it is our policy to respect author's wishes? Those ladies and gentlemen are kind enough to take extra pain to voluntarily write articles only to make this site more enjoyable. We are profoundly greateful to them. The last thing we want to do it is to annoy them in any way or form. If they want to include their nicks in the articles, we will do it irrespective of anyone's knowledge about their name-nick; if they don't, we wouldn't, irrespective of anyone's knowledge about their name-nick. It is their decision and their's only.

Those authors are our members and any member could be an author. We always gladly consider all submitted articles. We even encourage all members to write articles for us. Just take a look at the thread: Write Articles in this site.

Either let the members know the real names of the nicks and vice versa or just do not invite somebody with specific nicks in an open forum.
Doesn't this sound commanding? Yet, I tried to label it as "request" in a civil guesture. But your assault continues as you continue to refer it to the moderators repeatedly. And, yes again, we can request any member, including yourself, with or without nicks, to write articles for the site we all love.

I will not ask further why my request was bad?
Why are you then refering this to the mods repeatedly?

I am envious to see a member know all these nicks as writers, but I know none!
You know none, is that so? Don't you think it would constitute a lie?

You, in all likelyhood, know more about the names & nicks of our members than I myself do. You have been collecting. You have been verifying. You have been trying to be 100% sure. You have been unyielding on this issue. Doesn't smell like an innocent idea to me at all.

If they send their articles by other means like u2u or e-mail or postů, I have nothing even to ask.
But you have been asking and asking, over and over again. Doesn't smell like an innocent idea to me at all again.

I may not write well but exclusion of my name in your list should give me the feeling of an inferior.
Sorry to hear that. Tell you what, why don't you start writing one, we'll sure help you with editing.

You have been a very good poster and a dedicated one. I don't know why, but for some reason, you are getting badly carried away on the name-nick issue. Now, it's time to let it go. Now it's time to honor other member's wishes, whatever small or slim that might be, to remain anonymous as you yourself said in the following quote:

[Edited on 19-6-2004 by abhs : I like to remain anonymous, and if find somebody to be the same, I honor]
[Edited on 6-25-2004 by chinaman]
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