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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
If you are a true cricket fan, if you are a true Bangladeshi cricket fan, you would not want our boys to adapt jodi laigga jai strategy every time they go to middle. T20 will not only make them do that but engrave that method in their brain like Aftab did. he use have so much patience when he started at 5/6 down for BD. Then DW promoted him to take advantage of powerplay to #3. All learning went out the window. That is just one example.

With T20 being a regular thing, Imrul-sadat-nazimuddin all will be Aftab 2.0 or 2.5. Whereas, I want them to become at least Attapatu .5
You may have a good point there, T_e, but one of the problem is that whether we like it or not, T20 will survive, and players will go wherever they can earn money. In that case, won't it be better if our players can get opportunities in international league than in a domestic league of a foreign country? Won't it be better for our fans to route for a local team?
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