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The issue is us versus them (rest of the world). Them, already have stablished teams with players down with the basic cricket knowledge (when to take risk and when not to). Players like Dhoni, Sanggakara can adapt to any situation weither it is 20 overs or five day cricket. Us on the other hand, have 10 first class matches all year long with half of them are missed for national tours. How are we going to learn the longer version of the game? (practice and learn in the test matches?) On top of it if these 20 year olds are heavily introduced to the T20 then their learning process of the longer version will hamper severely. Let other nations play as much as T20 they want to. We need to protect our youngsters and make sure they become a test player first then a T20 player.

This is only if one puts premium on test matches more than T20. If BCB thinks our future is T20 then so be it. Lets welcome Professional T20 league now and withdraw our test stasus.
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