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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
This is only if one puts premium on test matches more than T20. If BCB thinks our future is T20 then so be it. Lets welcome Professional T20 league now and withdraw our test stasus.
T_e bhai, it’s a surprising statement from you.

If we are to grow and sustain in the top league, we must not just focus on one version of the game. I understand your point about the impact the shorter version of the game has on our young players, but avoiding isn’t the answer to overcome it. Nor do we need to avoid the other versions to focus on the shorter version because it has bigger commercial prospects. What I am saying is that we must understand the threat it has on the longer versions if we don’t manage it correctly. If we only allocate 2 months a year for international shorter event, and allow rest 10 months to focus on tests and ODIs, no domestic league can threaten international schedules of any of the T20, ODI and Test versions.
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