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Originally Posted by bulbul_fan
if yu have noticed ..we always organise a match on friday > no idea why it is always so in the home series and the worst part is not our players dont pray or take a break during the prayer.
I bet most of them do not pary while they are not playing cricket. Just do a survey to see how many of them get up for Fazr parayer. How about Magrib and Esha? I bet the lucky ones may be playing a different kind of cricket and others may be playing pocket billiard.

There is no rule against parying during lunch and tea breaks for Johr and Asr, respectively. Many of the Pakisatni players do that. Some of them evan fast.

The fact of the matter is that there is plenty of opportunity if they want ot pray. Also, they mast be aware of a Kaza also.
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