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Originally Posted by freeman
I think everyone will agree that he has been given all the chance to prove himself and I think he failed and so will everyone. I know some of you are a big fan of his batting and you all will agree that he has done nothing since that 80 runs innings against Sri Lanka. If you are thinking for batting rather than keeping than I have to say you are wrong. In test cricket its very hard to get a batsman out where you have to earn a wicket ( Not like our batsman who would give their wicket as a present to a bowler). Its a hard job to bowl in test cricket and if you miss a chance than 9 out of 10 times world class players will make you pay for your mistake. And we all know Mushfiqur always does this kind of mistakes which costs us a great deal. I don't understand why we are useing him in test cricket!!!! Its ok to use him in ODIs but not in tests.

My point of view Pilot is our best option in test than Dhiman and Musy would be the 3rd choice. Many would say Musy is better batsman than both of them but I would say he could be better than Pilot but not better than Dhiman. Our best Test keeper is Pilot and best ODI keeper is Dhiman. I strongly believe that Dhiman has proved himself to get a chance in this ODI series against South Africa. I think we should give Mushfiqur a break and pick Dhiman for this series but I know this is not going to happen. Like others our selector are following their previous ones footsteps. They have proven many times that they like to be in spot light for the wrong reason. They played with Rafiques selection in many times (as everyone will agree with me that he is our best option in both froms of the game which he proved in many occasions like this time, and they picked him for this series only to give him a chance to retire!!! Give me a break). I have no bad relation with them like they have good relations with few players (who gets the favour)!! I am talking about the facts which never lies. I think its time for them to realize that they should make some selection for the sake of our cricket and cricket loving people. Its about time to do some job that they have been picked for, selecting some good players not relatives!

I would strongly urge the selectors to drop him from the second tests of this series and pick Pilot for the sake of our cricket and love to see they are giving Dhiman a chance in ODIs and giving MUSHFIQUR a much needed break.
I absolutely agree but vaire koshto kore post lekhe kono lav nai. Apnar amar moto supporters ra jodi Hunger strike o kore tobu o shalar selectorsra or bad debe na. who knows why da hell they don't give pilot a last chance
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