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Another Alok in the making. If someone doubts Pilots batting,, look into his average, its way better than Rahim. He was once the wall when innings use to collapse and the tail-enders used to score.. For test, he was needed to support Sakib/Aftab. Either way, if good sense prevails, the selectors will get out of their ego and give him his good-bye match and hope that we can push SA again. For ODIs,, we took chances with Junaed/Farhad/Mehrab,,, we should do that with Dhiman. Mushfique is no Ashraful or Razzaque that is irreplacable for ODIs. So it wont have an impact if we try out Dhiman in home turf than oversease. Either way,, I think Mushfique himself should have a chat with the Team Manager, Rumi, ask for a break and force his way back to the squad with performances that we all thought of him as the little wonder.Ashraful did it, Nafis did it, Razzaque did it,,, so can he. No point in accumulating fans wrath and depleting confidence at this point..
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