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Originally Posted by roaring tigerz
o fickle fans! the same guys who were baying for mashud's blood a month back, suddenly find him to be our savior during crisis. What did Mashud really do to deserve his spot back? Not a whole lot, right?
Mushfiq has been struggling with the bat. But did you see his dismissals during this test? The first innings he hung around, and stitched together a crucial partnership with Mortaza before getting out to a great yorker. In the second innings he never actually got out. His glovework has definitely improved, and imo he is not lagging behind pilot in that department.We have never had a keeper who has the technique and temperament to bat in the top 6. He might be out of form but he will come good sooner rather than later. Seems like Siddons and Co. know the value of little Mushy, we should have some more faith in him too.
Bahi jan apnar comments dehika to mone hoitase apne ekjon Mushfiq vokto, 100% for your feelings and support for your favourite player but facts remains the same that he (Mushfiq) has done nothing outstanding for the team and the stumping which he was missing its just not on, sorry If I have hurted you with my comments but as said earlier truth and the facts we can not denie. (It is just my opinion, nothing personal)
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