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Originally Posted by pocha
It is impossible to have an International league like you are proposing. Ind already have 8 teams. Bd (acc to you) will have 2-3 teams. Pak will have 3-4 teams. WI will have 4 teams. So in that way we will end up will 40-50 teams and it is IMPOSSIBLE to have round robin home-away league for 50 teams. It will take a whole year to conduct a international league like that
i have only tried to give a "what" type of answers and to answer "how" we probably will have to analyze and discussions need to take place among all the member can't say impossible without looking at all options such as limiting total numbers of teams or allowing teams to schedule a limited number of total matches (not to mention equal for everyone)....for example, nfl in the us limits the total number each team play to a game like t20 can be played every day in the allocated two months....even something like double tripple headers a day, etc...there can be many ways to handle the league within 2 months....and this can allow big revenues to cities and players as well instead of all the money going into a single domestic league..
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