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Default **** The Mohammed Ashraful Thread ****

Tired of looking @ the 1st Page of the forum and seeing 50 threads on Ash Saying Same thing, people upping threads from 5 years ago etc. It is clear to me everything Ash does good or bad has to have it's own Thread. I Can guarantee if he scores a Century in the next Test somebody will open a "Thank You Ash Thread" or a "I told you so Thread" or if he throws his wicket away We need a new Captain Thread etc.

We are some how infatuated with what he does, it's been like this for 5 years and counting and I'm sure he'll do this to us for the next 10 years as well.

So post everything you want about Ash for everything he does from Domestic/Rainhill/IPL/Bangladesh that makes you love/hate/pull your hair/drop him/next Tendulkar/next Kapali thread.

Plus it's a better way of Keeping Track of what he does as he is our most Important player for Bangladesh's success. So if you want to Ask the Really Hard Question about his Irresponsible/responsible/Breathtaking/Stupid/Great innings do it here. Hopefully this Thread exists in another 10 years so we can if has grown to the player that some of us thought he can be or just a player who couldn't Justify his talents.

If mods feel this is unnecessary ya can just delete it ... it's just an eye sore to see Ash this/that etc. Plus I've seen other forums do this as well.

12.6 Syed Rasel to Sangakkara, OUT: What a delivery, completely fooled Sangakkara, first five delivery were the outswingers and now, this one comes in sharply, Sangakkara tries to left it and ball hits the off stump, top class bowling!

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