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Originally Posted by Pundit
Ashraful is scoring in the 30s more consistantly than ever. Basically he takes the bowlers by storm, but its the storm that leads to his demise.
Now if our other top 7 Batsmen, could get to 30 consistently than we'd get more respectable test looking innings going over the 250 barrier easily. I know getting to 30 means you've only done 30% of your Job, Top order Batsmen should always look to score 100's but it would put a lot less burden on him if he batted @ 130/3 rather and 60/3.

And yes we do run 7 batsmen deep, Tamim (0), Juniad, Bashar (0), SN, Ash, Aftab, Sakib and Mushi (0) actually thats 8. Last Test we got good contributions from Ash, Aftab, Juniad and Sakib (His last innings doesn't IMO) ... some what SN too. Tamim hasn't had Match practice and selectors and Coach throw him up against a bowling attack like South Africa.

(0) contributed crap in term if partnership in this last Test

Plus the odds say the more you get to 30 a few will crack 50 and than some may even get that 100. Plus if you get 30 odds are your going to make good partnerships of 50-60-100 as well.

I think Ash will be on his toes this next innings I predict a Big one from him, plus he'e been grinding when it come to playing Test cricket lately you guys see one innings where he put away about 5 Bad Balls his SR goes over 100 and he's not playing Test Cricket, what type of stupid logic is that?
12.6 Syed Rasel to Sangakkara, OUT: What a delivery, completely fooled Sangakkara, first five delivery were the outswingers and now, this one comes in sharply, Sangakkara tries to left it and ball hits the off stump, top class bowling!
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