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Pause. Learn to pause. Every ball is a new ball. To be a better batsman you need to forget about the last ball or the last over or whatever it might be. Get into your batting stance and pause. Look at the field setting, look at the bowler, take notice what is happening out there. This will calm you down. You won't play a rash shot if you learn to pause your game on the right time. Just because you have hit the bowler for a four the last delivery means almost nothing. Get over it. Pause your game.

Deep breath. Take deep breaths. Continuously. All the time. When a batsman is going good they grow a self-destructing ego, utter bigotry in their stupid little mind. All of a sudden they think they can hit every ball for four, dig out every yorker, pull any short ball, win the game single-handedly and bingo; they play a loose shot. They forget to read the game, show respect to the bowler, stops the conversation, doesn't look at the field setting and trigger their own downfall. It happens to every batsman out there, and it happens more often than not to a BD batsman. Take deep breaths, even so when you feel that you are growing that self-destructive ego, utter bigotry, hot-headedness, over-confidence, loosing respect, stopping conversation and so on and on; take deep breaths, continuously, heavily. Remember you have to be lucky every time against a bowler, but a bowler needs to be lucky just once to get rid of you. You are so vulnerable, a bowler is not as vulnerable as you are. Never will be.
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