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Default leadership.....

So far I have seen suggestion of the following players to lead the team...
a random riksha wala

A successful leader is often the byproduct of the system. For example, you can take Ricky Ponting and have him lead Bangladesh... we would still struggle. On the other hand, you can take an avg player from any team and have him lead Australia, they would still be one of the best if not the best. Ashraful is young, he will make mistakes and adjust to the system. He cannot bat for everyone. Each player has his responsibility to get the job done and if they all fail miserably, its not the captains fault. But the leader takes responsibility for the failure/success.

I am not saying that a leader is not important, rather an avg leader can step into a good situation and shine because of the system. Ashraful seems to be the victim of our poor performances. Too many changes in the system will lead to inconsistency and lack of team chemistry. Let this play out and the selects will look at his overall performance when the time comes and we move on from there.

Now lets kick some arse and take atleast 2 of 3 from Ireland.
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