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Originally Posted by proxdj

My argument was why he should be given more time as a captain before we crucify him. he cannot win the game alone if Zunaed, Tamim, Aftab, Sakib and others do not perform to their expectations. Our top order collapses every game that has subsequent affects on the rest of the lineups.
Sure as a captain he is not given enough time to judge one way or another. But then again, I believe to be a captain, you need to contribute as a player first, what he is not doing right now. He is looking for scape goat after each of his failure, that is not good sign of leadership.

You mentioned couple of names: Zunaed, Tamim, Aftab, Sakib. All except Afab falls inb my "Player B" type player (I gave an example earlier). They are still young and we haven't seen their peak yet (including Aftab who IU think is trying his best to learn from Siddon),

Also I don't agree with your comment, "he (Ash) cannot win the game alone if Zunaed, Tamim, Aftab, Sakib and others do not perform". They may not performed as we wished but they all (Zunaed, Tamim, Aftab, Sakib) performed much more than Ash in these two series. I don't expect Ash to carry the team by himself. As the most experienced player, I just want him to perform his part only, which he is not doing right now. It doesn't matter who else is doing or not, as a captain and the most experienced player, he need to do his part, thats all.

Originally Posted by proxdj


Much respect for well develop argument.
Thanks you Sir for your generous complement. It doesn't come too often now a days, specially bad days like these. Its always pleasure to have meaningful discussion like this where we all are welcomed to share different point of views.

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