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Looks like every other thread is going to be Ashraful thread these days. There is no hiding. Its crossed the point where it was just annoying, now its getting to a point of blatant stupidity to say the least. And specially some members here started dreaming about Ash. Every other post they make they cannot avoid Ash. Their Ashraful thread has had a natural death, now they go to every thread and start posting Ash this, Ash that. I mean give us a break. Do this in a single thread. Not in every other thread out there. Can we talk about anything other than Ashraful? For fhucs sakes, captaincy is not our main concern at the moment. Its the whole team including Ash losing form at the same time is the real concern. Even Steve Waugh would fail in such circumstances. And Ashraful is just a newbie in this captaincy business. There is no guaratee that he would come good one day, but its too early to judge him right now. He is still a kid, but is the best we have at the moment. Its a fact, but a sad one.
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