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Originally Posted by Tehsin
I'll use the NBA example proxdj posted here. Yes, NBA (teams) drafted these kids straight out of high school. They are highly talented, etc etc. Where the difference lies between what NBA did and what our Cricket officials have done is this, in case of Bangladesh, one NBA team would have hired all of them AT ONCE and throw them out to play against stronger, mature teams of professionals.

No matter how good these guys are, half of them would have probably sucked so bad that the team would have lost interest in them and would be replaced by newer, 'more' promising teenagers. The rest of them would have struglled as they wouldn't get the opportunity to learn from the big brothers who have been playing professional basketball and help guide kids to grow into their true potential.

If Ash were born in any of the top 6-8 test nations, his stats would have been much healthier because of the system and selection they have in place. Like proxdj said, a successful leader is a byproduct of the system. BKSP does a pretty good job in getting some of these players up to the under 19 level. After that, BCB takes over and that's where it goes south. There's something inherently wrong with our revolving selection policy and it boggles my mind to see how young our team is compared to the likes of Australia or India, etc. The sad part is, BCB is prolly too daft to even realize the harm they are doing by sticking to their failed policies.
Tehsin bhai you founded BC and I believe it's time to found new BCB. I totally agree with you. But the problem lies somewhere else, the structural inefficiency is causing this failure again and again and will continue to do that. Even we will not progress if we stick with our current development model. I can not believe that in all these years they failed to realize drafting young kids from U19 based on U19 level success, is not the solution. It's not the leadership, it's the failure of our current cricket structure.
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