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I don't know too much about what the government plans to do with ZIA. However some of the information (which I gain from certain sources) which I have said on this forum has come true. I foretold of Hasina and Khaleda having to 'enjoy' prison food when quite a few were sceptical. The fact is what is happening now in Bangladesh is very rare. The Bangladesh military which contributes either the most or second most soldiers for UN peacekeeping operations was involved in building hospitals, clinics and mosques and nation-building as a whole in Africa and other areas. The country was on the verge of a possible civil war with certain politicians even speaking of that and other commentators speaking of the country being divided. The military stepped in and have stabilized the country and helped the country to progress. Just as my sources informed me that Hasina and Khaleda would be eating prison food I am also being told that after the elections there will be a National Security Council which will allow the military to keep a vigilant eye on civilian politicians and any possible moves by them to destabilize the country but as long as the civilian politicians stay within the parameters of not trying to destroy Bangladesh they will of course be able to run the country due to their democratic mandate. Now coming to the airline industry and the issue of ZIA, this is one thing which is on the governments agenda in terms of modernization alongside other things such as developing an areospace industry (a decision already taken by the military), construction of a metro system (plans for that have yet to be finalized) and so on.

2 proposed maps of a potential Dhaka underground system.

This article is from September 2007.

Government plans $52 million ZIA modernisation project
Zahedul Islam

The government has planned to install a new radar system and other communication and navigational equipment at the Zia International Airport to ensure safe and secure operation of aircraft.
The government, under the $52 million ‘Upgrading of Zia International Airport’ project, has also planned to strengthen the taxiway of the country’s largest airport to accommodate the wide-bodied passenger planes which are heavier than other airliners.
‘We need to replace the radar urgently as the present one is obsolete in the modern air traffic control system,’ said an official of the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, the executing agency of the project.
The present radar at the Zia airport was installed in 1984 on a turnkey basis by a French company. The radar has undergone major repair two times in the past, and its present condition is not good because one part of the radar is fully out of order.
The government of Denmark will provide ‘mixed credit loan’ for implementation of the project which will help the CAAB to comply with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, an agency of the United Nations, which codifies the principles and techniques of international air navigation.
Civil aviation ministry officials said the project proposal has been sent to the Economic Relations Division for completing the necessary formalities before signing an agreement with the Danish government in this regard.
In view of the importance of the project, civil aviation adviser MA Matin, in a recent letter to finance adviser Mirza Azizul Islam, requested him to take personal initiative for implementation of the project.
In the letter, Matin said that ZIA would be radar-less if a new It was decided in July that the food ministry would import 4.5 lakh tons of rice and 3.5 lakh tons of wheat. But the ministry has been unable so far to carry out the decision due to price hike of the items on the international market and poor response from bidders in the procurement process, food ministry sources said.
Finance ministry sources said the prices quoted by bidders to the food ministry were higher than local prices of rice and wheat, which prompted the ministry to ask the BDR to import the food grains through Rifles Enterprises.
Top officials of the BDR said they had already contacted suppliers of rice and wheat in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine and the USA and received assurance of getting the required quantity of the food grains.
‘We have already completed the major preparatory tasks, including negotiation on prices, for importing rice and paddy,’ Colonel Mohammed Abdul Halim, director, operations and training, of the BDR told New Age.
He said, ‘We will be able to sell the imported rice and wheat through our outlets at two to five taka less than their market prices.’
As for more specific more current information on ZIA I do not know but for those who are interested they can read
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