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Originally Posted by Rabz
Tough luck it seems for the European kids.
But i bet it would be an experience to remember.
Hopefully this would lead them to take cricket seriously and we would see good European teams in the future.

And as for travelling parents, its like killing two birds in one stone.
Support the kids and later have a family holiday in the caribbeans.
Europeans have always had to accept that cricket is played in warm weather. Continental Europeans do get good weather in the Summer months of May to September however cricket is not a big sport in these countries.

The major power in the region is of course England and boys from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Holland who want to make it into the big time try to get a trial with an English County.

It will certainly be a trip to remember

The Europeans that play cricket do take it seriousely, in fact there are Under 13 International teams in Ireland, Scotland, Holland and Denmark so if there is one advantage that Ireland and Holland might have its that they are used to playing for their country.
Each year Euopean countries send a few boys to India for higher level coaching and a number of boys also spend a few months in South Africa. Later on a few try to get to Australia.
It is well recognised in Ireland that to suceed in cricket at a high level a lot of travel must be undertaken, particularly as the Test Nations, with the exception of England, all have warm or hot climates.
Poor weather and lack of finance are the big obstacles but given the minute numbers playing the game in Ireland I think we do quite well.

Most of the boys travelling to the West Indies have State Examinations in early June so there will be no time for a holiday in the Caribbean afterwards but to visit the Caribbean and at the same time watch your son play for their country is a fantastic combination.
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