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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Ash eyes 1 or 2 wins

What should he say?

He should say, we need to focus on your own ability and perform the best we can in all three departments of the game. Would try to entertain everyone as best as we can; If that gives us 1 win so be it. If that gives us the series so be it.

1) With this 1 or 2 wins thingi one will find ah!! he is already thinking negative.

2) Like the reporter is saying in his last sentence, "the little man promised like he always does before any tour."

Ash needs more coaching in how to talk to the media for team's sake.
I hope I am wrong. Thats give a feeling that he will go "same as ususal" licence to kill and looking for jodi laigga jai type "Eid Day". It may excite some fans, but it saddens me because if that is true then, we are not achieving anythyng under Siddon. It may be ok before under Dav as it was giving us much needed life and something to cheer about. But at some point we have to think when we will take one step forward and go with a planned way to move forward.
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