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Default IPL good or bad for cricket?

I have come across number or people who are criticising IPL without actually giving me any logical explaination for it. I was wondering what do our fellow BC members have to say about the inaugural IPL event?

The way I see it (though most of my friends didn't see it that way), IPL is in primitive stage and they are trying to arrange an agreement with ICC so that no ICC matches conflict with IPL which would put to rest what most people think IPL is doing: in plain english taking away players and preventing them from representing their own country. Second criticism is that India is monopolising cricket. True but it's a business and those have the means to exploit the resources will. Unfortunately, there's no room for sympathy, in business. Also, if you look at all major sports, international matches are not played that often and it is the franchise based leagues that rule these sports. In all major sports international events are dominated by few countries just like in cricket. In soccer, African nations don't complain that EPL, Series A, Bundes Liga, etc monopolise the sport because stars from African nations are getting the money as well. To me it looks like cricket fell behind from other major sports by sticking to playing this many international games in a season and can probably catch up to other sports by having something like IPL. I mean BCCI and I did it because they can do it as most of the other cricketing nations don't have the monetary capacity to invest in cricket nor the interest to do it. I hate watching ICC matches because there's hardly any matches that goes to full 50 in ODIs or to last over in tests. Obviously I watch Bangladesh's games and teams I like because of the players I like but if you put all the stars together for a league event it makes for a better game.

As I found out through talking to my friends, most people don't welcome changes even if it can bring positive changes. I mean my Idea may sound very radical but even if the IPL wanted to have test matches against the individual teams I would welcome that too just because the quality of cricket is going to be better than watching Australia and SA dominate against all other countries for the most part. Getting aside from my radical ideas to people I've talked to don't realize that this as a 5 week tournament only! There will still be plenty of ICC matches but IPL if is successful lesser known players from other countries even from Canada for instance could have a chance to earn a decent living from cricket. IPL matches will be watched by people from all cricketing countries which it itself is good for the sport and is not the case for ICC matches unless it's a big event like world cup. Of course India will benefit from this but so do other franchise based leagues. NBA, NHL, etc which include players from all over the world but USA, Canada benefit the most because they are able to leaders in those sports but players from other countries who would make less money by playing in their own country appreciate these leagues because of the level of competition, money and they are better able to develop their games with proper coaches, nutrition programs, and have the privilege to learn the game from the best players in the world with whom they may be playing or opposing. 20/20 in general allows them to compete with and against some of the best players in a format that is designed to be fun and competitive.

ICC matches results with ever growing technology and coaching depend on how good rich is the infrastructure, cricketing structure, coaching, facilities, etc are of a country to develop cricketers who can compete at the highest level. In other words there's a strong positive correlation with or how much money is spent on cricket (or generally speaking GDP) and how good of a test playing country is. Srilanka is perhaps the only exception and their rise in cricket to me can be attributed to having good coaching and cricketing structure. However, in a franchise based system those things will be there for every team thus, the result will depend on performances on the field only because theoretically all other things are equal. I think these matches will also be closely contested given that most teams have star players in all aspects of the game so as a fan of cricket I will be interested in those which is why I will support IPL. My favourite team is Mumbai. I'm a big Tendulkar fan.

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