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Let's face it - cricket's not always going to be a 5-day game. Heck it's not even going to last 50 overs. People won't have time for something as long and slow-paced as that. So like it or not, the IPL is the beginning of a revolution that will change cricket forever.

Is it bad? I don't necessarily think so. Sure, I wouldn't want to give up watching Mushfiq score a patient hundred in a swinger's (don't laugh you perverts!) paradise, but the shorter the game, the more interest it'll generate. We'll see teams with brown, white, yellow and black people fighting as a unit - the diversity will definitely help the game grow. That's where the world's headed, and the game should follow.

Come to think of it, world cups would generate more craze that way too (as international games would become a rare commodity), as opposed to being a dull affair with a bunch of officials who don't know what the bleep they're doing.
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