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Originally Posted by billah
IPL is not, and will never be significant enough to have a long term impact on cricket. This type of stuff come and go in every professional sport.
Billah saab, 20/20 is here to stay. It puts fans to seats. It's exciting, unpredictable, short everything that all the other sports have. I love test cricket just as much as everyone else but I am tired of seeing domination by 2 countries only. Let's split up talent make it competitive and I'm sure all the nay sayers would come around on this league. To me cricket is finally catching up to other sports where the league based games are the most occuring events and not international games. International games are the ultimate so they should be played a lot less. Put it this way, should you eat Steak everyday, even though you want to? You won't because you'll get fat and die sooner. Cricket needs a balance. I don't have any problem with India organising this because they are not choosing players based on race, religion, etc. It's simply based on your value as a cricketer. Just like NHL, NBA, NFL, etc. IPL won't detract from ICC because it's 5 weeks tournament kinda like UEFA or March Madness. The marketing is done by movie stars, I mean non cricket followers like my parents may even watch that. I want cricket the sport to grow and ICC with it's crap marketing and country vs. games has not been able to do that so, give someone else (India) a chance. I know it will be hard to cheer for a city from another country but cheer for the city that represents Bd players or your favourite player. The product won't be bad that much I can tell you.
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