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Originally Posted by Ishtylish cricketer
Thanks Tiger's eyes. I fixed it. But why is bad from Bangladeshis prospectives and for Bd cricket?
I am from old school. To me the meaning "test" is test of patience. Total opposite of T20 cricket where patience gets you no where.

We (BD team) are good at T20 cricket. Top to bottom all aggressive players who can score in a hurry. They have no understanding of patience and building an innings. They have no understanding of building a partnership. That is what cricket is all about in my opinion.

In test we got a victory in 50+ test. If you want to see a second victory in test then these young boys need to be banned from playing T20 cricket for the next 5 years. For any player it is not easy to switch from T20 mode to Test mode when they don't have patience. One has to understand the game on how it is played. De Villers is also an aggressive player. Yet he scored a double century in foreign conditions. That shows the understanding he has of the game. Our 20-23 boys don't have the understanding. With Participating in IPL this understanding will hindered more.

Our team has no real leadership. The pupet leader captain Ashraful has no patience. How does one expect the team to have patience? Everyone will follow the leader. Giving bullsh*t excuses of team rule does not change the fact that he is averaging 4 against Pakistan in ODIs. You think he has any power to ask better performance from Rokibul or Shakib or Riyad when his is the worst?

One can not learn Patience in T20 cricket. That is why I am against BD players participating in IPL.

As for Indian players, if they want to play test cricket in T20 mode more power to them. If they want their youngsters to learn T20 only and focus their target I have no problem with that. Their domestic structure is strong enough to produce patient players whereas ours is not. We can not just make our domestic cricket stronger over night. This take time and proper processes put in place. Resources need to be utilized properly.
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