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TE, I was trying to demystify those who are saying IPL is going to kill cricket because India will get the money and no other country will get any money...well that's true for those 5 weeks only but on the other side, in 5 weeks period at most there's maybe room for 2-3 teams touring meaning potential revenue loss for 2-3 countries but is the loss of one tour for a country that significant loss of income? In other words would taking a tour of the calender for a country make them broke or affect them gravely in terms of revenue? Even if you think it is the players from all cricketing nations because of whom the game exist, don't have an issue with this, so why should we? Fact of the matter is ICC's business model has failed drastically for number of years now. In order to attract more people into the game something needs to be done.

TE, test is still the ultimate and you don't have to tell me that. My dream in high school was to rep Canada at some point, could have in U19 but I had labs at the same as the prelim-practices so couldn't attend the practices. I used to practice for hours after school perfecting my drives, pulls, cuts, sweeps, you name it and I learned those from a professional favourite player currently is Ian Bell and before that was Marvan Atapattu so I am just as old school as you are in the sense that I like test cricket and appreciate those who play proper cricket rather than slash and smash t20. I originally didn't like t20 like many but was sold after realizing the success it will have. I think people need to be broad minded and welcome changes if they bring forth good results.

My point all along was that IPL will be watched by all cricketing countries people rather than 2 countries between whom the ICC events are played and it can possibly attract an audience that cricket never had before just because it was too long for them. T20 brings in those who just understand 6, 4 wicket, win and loss.

It isn't India's or ICC's job to produce good cricketers for Bangladesh, it's BCB's job. ICC can give the money but how that money gets used is not their problem as far as I understand. Bd's development in cricket is hindered by the lack of coaching at the grass root level and lack of 1st class games so they don't have the cricketing basics to succeed at the top level. If other players from different countries can play all formats why can't our players? I mean older players don't play because they are not quick enough for the game not because T20 would detract skills from their test game. Bd's players are so young but not many were approached by IPL just because their quality is so poor. Sadly, there's one Bd player who's playing in the IPL and he doesn't play tests so Bd's losing nothing.

If the game appeals to those who've learned to keep their head still pre and post delivery, were taught to keep hands back against slower deliveries, learned the use of forward press against sharp turners, taking off stump guard against offies, head slightly ahead of knee for off drives, etc (ie. those who play the game competitively or understand the game well) than that sport will not attract a large audience. T20 makes cricket idiot proof and will make games more competitive and is geared to deliver good entertainment for everyone.

You know the beauty of arguably the best sport in the world soccer lies in its simplicity. Cricket is just as simple of a game if you reduce it to the lowest common denominator, bat for score, field to save runs or catch and bowl to pick up wicket and it should be that simple for the general fans. Ian Chappell once said that english guys make cricket very complicated when it shouldn't be. The format of 20/20 almost takes away the possibility being all out for a team so you can go at the bowling from ball one and even if your team loses wicket in the process no team is ever out of the game. The unpredictibility appeals to me and those who are sold by 20/20. Unpredictibility is not good in work, studies, or in other life matters but in sports it's very appealing. If you bring the best players together anywhere they will produce competitive games more so than ICC events. Teams like ours Bd and Zimbawae have almost no chance against any country under normal circumstances. It gets boring watching us struggle mightily against others or others dominating us. I can watch other teams that's true but IPL provides the opportunity to watch cricket in the same wavelength as NHL, NBA where players from different countries play together. I was taught to support good cricket so I will support IPL.
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