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all players playing for their national team have to play in alien environment, it's not just bangladesh. imo it's a mental issue, not sure what the overall team's attitude is but certainly ashraful's attitude negates progress. by that i mean when he plays in conditions he doesn't like then he blames a poor performance on the conditions. that tells me that rather than taking the conditions on as a challenge he kind of just says bugger it if i get out i get out and it's not really my fault it's the conditions fault.

i think you'll find most international players who play in conditions they don't like, take it on as a challenge to play well in those conditions. they knuckle down, get through it and more often than not still put up a decent performance, we don't see this from the BD national team that often.

obviously the domestic pitches do play a role, if they play domestically in tough conditions they'll understand them better but they still need to fix the attitude to really succeed.
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