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Originally Posted by rafiq
Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
The money Dristipat is loaning to the people, where is it coming from? Is big shot bangalis investing at dristipat or this is also a loan from somewhere else?
...good question....the money is not a loan to DP, but rather pool of funds put together by NonResident Bangladeshis who want to give something back in a significant way. So they are not directly investing in Drishtipat, rather they are investing in Bangladesh. Drishtipat takes no % of the money made available for the Challenge. At the moment we are looking for more efficient ways to get connected to entrepreneurs and make awards....and teaming with a new class of private equity funds in Bangladesh that target small and medium entreprises may be a great way. Will let you know more later, in the meantime please encourage your network to take a look at the challenge and submit high level proposals.

If you are a member of Dristipath, or some how have access to them please give them the following information as a feedback.

"NonResident Bangladeshis who want to give something back in a significant way" - with out any string attached would be better.

Charging "interest" conflicts with the bolded part. Now if one only applies the inflation rate I can understand. With no interest or just the inflation added the success rate would be much higher. (If the sole purpose is giving something back without taking advantage)

In my previous post I have carefully put the word "investing". That says there are benefits for the donars. This is not solely on "a good will". May be a lesser extent than what Grameen is doing.

Finally, I must thank all the donars who have taken up this initiative to give back something to their mother land. At least for their efforts for trying to do something.
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