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Dear all! please look at the fact. Are we telling that the current team is playing against superior oponents? Let us not forgert the players I am talking about played against likes of Wasim Akram, Walsh, Ambrose, Ranatunga, Wagh brothers, De Silva etc. I don't thins those teams were weaker than current SL, Austrlia, WI or Pak teams. How many times teh current team past 200+ in ODIs (except agianst Zim)? Talking about agility, how many catches we drop per match with thse bunch of agile fileders. All I am saying We ahve tried with teh talents, now let's put 2 people who does not have gerat talent but have better foot work and capable of scoring 30 odd runs at least. We need runs, we rather loose after scoring a respectable total, than loose by a hughe maging after pretending that we were just going for a win. Some of these players do not even know which ball to hit and which one to defend.
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