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Originally posted by sasharif
All I am saying We ahve tried with teh talents, now let's put 2 people who does not have gerat talent but have better foot work and capable of scoring 30 odd runs at least.
Considering the fact that both Bulbul, Akram and Nannu are in their mid 30's, I really don't see any valid reason to why these oldies should be brought back. Lets say they score 20/30 odd runs in every match. But how long do you expect them to continue playing in international arena? Another 1 year? Surely age will take its toll. What then? To kick them out and look for new bloods after an year?

BD team dont have the luxury for a temporary solution. It will bring our cricket to nowhere. We must nurture younsters for the betterment of our future cricket for a long run. The best we can do is to appoint these oldies as advisors to our young cricketers. We want their tips and experience, but not those odd 20/30 runs.
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