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Originally posted by sasharif
Dear all! please look at the fact. Are we telling that the current team is playing against superior oponents? Let us not forgert the players I am talking about played against likes of Wasim Akram, Walsh, Ambrose, Ranatunga, Wagh brothers, De Silva etc. I don't thins those teams were weaker than current SL, Austrlia, WI or Pak teams. How many times teh current team past 200+ in ODIs (except agianst Zim)? Talking about agility, how many ......
One thing you forgot to mention i don't know whether you have watched those games or not at that time after 25/30 overs other team use to bring their light guns to bowl like for paki wazed ali or some one who was a batsman got three wickets and most of the time the other team knew that they are wining so they were not hard on us and on that proccess our most talented batsman!!! (AL SHAhariar) got few 50's. But those matches were done after 20 over after that the big team just go with the motion which is not the case anymore sp after pak defeat no one is loose a little bit.

So please keep that in mind before saying those player were better than current...
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