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desperate situation requires desperate measures....

The question is: Is the situation so bad, that demands desperate measures?

In that case why not go to the extreme and bring back Rokibul and open him with Gullu in next few test series. Who knows they might create some kind of record.

In specialist spinner department, we can add our Energizer Bunny, Goala (Keeps on going) instead of Rafique and/or Razzak.

In opening bowler department, we can use “always reliable” Chacha and “once upon a time” speedster Badshah.

Hira can give rest to Pilot once in a while as a part-time wicketkeeper. Btw, how old is he now?

How about using “Kalicharan” Babu to stabilize the middle order.

Relax …. …things will be ok!!:P
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