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I wasn't much interested to post anything in this unrealistic discussion of "Bringing back players who already crossed their mid 30's" but the following data of batting averages caught my eyes n shocked me quite a lot!!

These r called our main guys!
Bashar 17.66 in 52 innings
Ashraful 16.66 in 35 innings
Hannan Sarkar 19.15 in 20 innings
Alok Kapali 20.43 in 42 innings

Notable: Currently considered 'out of form Alok & Hannan got higher averages.

Bit respectable r these:
Rajin Saleh 23.68 in 19 innings
Javed Omar 25.81 in 30 innings
Manjural Rana 30.42 in 10 innings
Khaled Masud* 25.12 in last 10 innings
(*though his alltime average is 18.13 in 80 innings I think he has got some momentum in is bat recenty)

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