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Originally posted by crickethorizon
I wasn't much interested to post anything in this unrealistic discussion of "Bringing back players who already crossed their mid 30's" but the following data of batting averages caught my eyes n shocked me quite a lot!!

Bashar 17.66 in 52 innings
Ashraful 16.66 in 35 innings
Hannan Sarkar 19.15 in 20 innings
Alok Kapali 20.43 in 42 innings

Bit respectable r these:

Rajin Saleh 23.68 in 19 innings
Javed Omar 25.81 in 30 innings
Manjural Rana 30.42 in 10 innings
Khaled Masud* 25.12 in last 10 innings
(*though his alltime average is 18.13 in 80 innings I think has got some momentum in is bat recenty)
Manjural Rana 30.42 is the best man. Hannan Sarkar (19.15 in 20 innings) is more then bashar and ash. Did Hannan will back in ICC2004 in UK on opner.
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