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Akram and Bulbul - these guys should have crossed 1000 runs. Especially Akram who was so close. He came into the World Cup last year and plodded and nudged his way through a few overs - hardly picked up any runs. Against Kenya, one was expecting some accelaration from him but all he did was stand around. Those guys never got a good run chase going, they were just happy to face as many balls as possible. No wonder Bangladesh were always out of the game by the 20th over. Anyway, I don't mean to be too harsh on the legends, they did their duty for Bangladesh, but the cricket (from us) then was just not very good.

Fwullah - one thing you bring up in your post is that we got into the recent mess primarily because of the opener problem. Converting Ash to an opener has made the middle order paper thin. Do we have any real openers out there set to make a comeback? Wouldn't that solve some of our current problems?
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