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Playing the ball in the ground is ideal...but losing a game deliberately or giving up a match to get in form is not done even at domestic level. Back to school cricket for Ashraful it seems. You're taught to play the ball on the ground and not loft when you start out as a batsman. It's sad to see Ash getting his cricket education at the national team. Should he have not learned that already? This is negativity at its worst. Imo, best way to bat is with an empty mind, devoid of everything. The JS approach seems very unprofessional and not applicable at the international level but one can argue it's needed to resurrect players like Aftab and Ashraful's career. I hope he does something so our batsmen can play spinners. We are worse at playing spinners than english and SA batsmen. Tamim can't play spinners at all. He just has a slog sweep and a cut shot to offer. Kapali got trapped in the crease and was beaten by Afridi's quicker one. Expected better than that from him. He must score because he won't get too many more opportunities. Mahmudullah at least tried to up the rate but the way got bowled, it looked very ugly. He should be a regular in the team though, he has lots to offer. I felt bad for the players because giving up a match would not be not appreciated by competitive individuals. I don't know how many players will buy into JS's "don't worry about winning" approach but it may and hopefully will lead to success few years later. Till then we can expect struggles of this nature, every now and then.

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