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Its not just Ashfraful, we need consistency where batsmen and bowler works together. Cricket is no tennis, its no one man effort. Last night the bowlers did a fantastic job restricting them to 233, which would have been much higher. But our batsmen threw it all out.

Other times when our batsmen score 250-260, our bowlers pick their first wicket at 25th over with say 5 more runs to go.

We can have endless threads on improvement, endless calls for dropping of Ashfraful, Tamim, sacking of Siddon, Whatmore and what not?

We know exactly where the problem lies. Batting and bowling coordination, one shines the other flops. Everyone in the team needs to talk. For example, if Bangladesh bats first, Mashrafe should go and ask Tamim how was it, which kind of delivery, what areas of the pitch gave him a hard time and use/modify that to work against Salman Butt.

The win against Australia and especially against India in WC is a classic example of teamwork that's as rare as finding penguins in Sahara desert.

Thats just an example. If we can get this intial phase of improvement rolling, then we can talk about individual performances. Because last night, Ashraful had his mini-Eid of 56, but that wasn't enough to give us victory. End of the day he is just one man, a small portion of the big picture.
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