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Originally Posted by BANFAN
We have seen that how some class players have struggled to score at a demanding rate. While many face it difficult to score at a test rate (2/3 rpo); like Shehwaq/Jayasurya etc. All the players are human beings and we can't expect a person to be comforable at both extremes. There may be some very rare exceptions.

Adjustment is Possible within a sensible deviation limits to one's natural instincts.
Not really. These expectations are no exception, these are norms. Every internationally successful player has the ability to play according to the situation. Taking your example, Sehwag and Jayasuriya are very much able to control their innings as per the requirements of the situation.

However, form does matter. A player in good form ususally gets good touch and can score freely. In bad periods, however, they are either dropped by the team (like Hayden), or adjust their strategies and roles (like tendulkar or Jayasuriya).

If our Ashrafool is out of form in such an extent that he plays for losing, he should be dropped immediately. If he is just facing a bad period, e.g., getting starts and then playing a bad shot and getting out (like Jayasuriya in the earlier IPL matches), then he should do the simple adjustments of being more careful about shot selection. Nothing does justify his giving Yunus a maiden over.
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