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Nafees Iqbal got his debut last year against England. He played two matchs in his home soil and failed to impress with his 9 and 4. Well the argument could be raised that a player of his talent should not be judged by only those two innings after all he had a majestic century against the same opponent. I have seen him playing and I guess I should be the last person to have any doubt about the talent he possess. But still all I am proposing that let him be more mature and then bring him. He will be able to serve us long and without any hickup. the oppening problem is a long one. Everybody says that we dont have sufficient number of oppners. But I will disagree. After 1997 we had a very good influx of oppeners. Players like Bidyut, Oppee, Golla, Ashraful and even Nafees Iqbal and even U19 Nafees Ahmed is doing great in England. but what happened lot of these Oppeners for whatever reasons got out of the team and then struggled to come back and in the mean time we pushed a newer blood to take their space and when this new blood failed we couldnot go back to old one and looked for a newer one. By doing this we are just wasting all these players. Gordon always used to say I am agreed to play with some little undderclass players for couple years if that guarantees time needed to mature up those who are real talanted. And anyways Nafees have not done anything majestic yet after that century against england last year. I donot see anything but his raw talent that might make him qualify for the national team, if he is qualified. Look We have brought in players like Alok, Al shahriar, tushar, shipon for their talent even before they could actually earn the place. As soon as they failed we have thrown them out. Rokon can never come back. But was there any doubt about his talent? Alok... we are talking to drop him.... is there any doubt about his talent? No, there is none. But why we are dropping them.......because they failed to prove themselves.......... they could not score upto their talent or ability or the demand of the situation. I dont blame them. If anybody has to blame that gotta be us.......Why is that? cause when they came to the team they didnot come by proving them.....lets face it they didnot earn it............. you cant have raw steels and then say this steel can carry 500 ppl, lets put it on the deep sea.No matter how much quality the steel has its bound to sink that way. You have to make the ship out of it, test it for safety and only when it can withstand much harder test you know it will withstand all the ups and downs of the sea and will reach shore. I can wait till I make the ship and test it thoroughly untill I am satisfied it won't sink.........I dont see anything wrong with that approach at all.............
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