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That's a very nice argument you put up here. Well versed. But you know what even if Nafees continues to practice on way to become more mature, no one can gurantee that he will be free of ups and downs (or as you said, "without any hickup").

Yes, he was rushed into the team following his arrival to the airport from Pakistan. Yes, his performance was not worth mentioning. Yes, only two games do not tell anything. Yes, he might not be 100% ready. But he is ready nonetheless given his tight training with the U19 team for over a year now. He could be refined further in 'in-service' training with Whatmore.

Cricket structure in our country has a lot to do with his potential selection. You see, players of our current team never experienced the high profile training until very recently. They were blessed with their natural talent only refined by local and other low profile coaches with even lower support staffs and facilities. That's why they are struggling now. They have reached the peak of their abilities and it is next to impossible to make them any better. The result? Well, they will shine in a few games only to be flopped in the rest. They will remain inconsistant. It is not their fault entirely by any means.

With the newer generations of players like Ashraful, Kapali and the likes, there is hope. Since they were exposed to better training at a relatively younger age, it is quite possible for them to make noticeable progress than their older compatriots. If you force Bashar to make drastic changes in his style, he will forget batting. Whatmore is probably handling the oldies correctly in a sense that he is not making too much fuss about their styles other than some basics in order just to get the maximum return with minimum changes in player's styles and habits.

Going further down, the current U19 players are significantly better equipped both mentaly and physically to take charge for the future call. The call might come early for a few while it may take a long time for others. But good thing is when the call finally comes, they will be much easier to refine than the likes of Rokon, Tushar or even Kapali for that matter.

Those oldies have talent. But the talent is only a small part of the puzzle. You need to control your concentration, sharpen your reflexes, hold on to your patience, handle the pressure, exert the pressure upon the opponent, judge and manipulate the situation and above all your mind and body must be able, ready and willing to do such things all while your talent and practice well incorporated into the solid basics. And there lies one of the major differences between these two generations.

We already know our limits with the current players. We could go as far as to win a game or two every now and then. But for the thunder, we need the newer generation. Until the arrival of the fresh blood we possibly can not justify our dreams to push any team to their limits consistantly.
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