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Originally Posted by punjabsher
Miraz, thank you for the link. are you sure it is authentic? it appears to me it is written by hindus - very little mention of arab or persian or turkish influence! lots of mahabharat etc.

in pakistan we had alphabet for sindhi and punjabi similar to hindi like bengali, but we discarded it and went with modified arabic alphabet so that we are free of influence from the non-muslim neighbour.

is it easy to learn bengali? it sounds very sweet when i hear bengali brothers talk at the mosque. are there bengali movies?
punjabsher, Bengali is the most beautiful language in the entire world. It is written in special Bengali alphabet which was entirely invented by the Bengalis. Legends have it that when someone reads in Bengali, he gets 10 times more sawab than he reads in Arabic. It has a very sweet and soft tone to it, so when you read, it seems like honey is dripping from your mouth. When you open a Bengali book, for instance, the room almost always fills up with a kind of noorani, ethereal light. Unless you are a bad person of course. In that case, you won't experience any of that stuff.

It is a well-known fact that Bengali is the most prestigious of all languages, including all Indian languages: Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Oriya, Nepali, Sindhi, Punjabi, Gujrati, Tamil, Telegu, etc. do not even come close to the historical prestige and the richness of literature Bengali possesses.

Before 1971, when Bangladesh was the most important and the most populous part of Pakistan, attempts were made to write Urdu in the more prestigious Bengali alphabet, but the misguided people in Pakistan chose the Arabic alphabet instead. Bengali is the most expressive language in all of Indian subcontinent, so it was kind of surprising that the subcontinental Muslims, especially those living in Pakistan, chose Urdu instead. In Saudi Arabia and surrounding regions, Arabic is preferable for muslims, because it's their mother tongue and they live far away from the Indian subcontinent. But in the Indian subcontinent, it would be the best if the most expressive of all languages here, which is Bengali, is chosen to offer prayer and do all kinds of religious services. It's only logical.

So my question is, brother, where have you been all this time? And why are you still not learning Bengali?
ক্লান্তি আমার ক্ষমা করো,প্রভু,
পথে যদি পিছিয়ে পড়ি কভু।
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