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Originally Posted by zainab
Ashraful becomes Islamic
Relief ambassador

Staff Correspondent

National cricket captain Mohammad Ashraful the humanitarian efforts of Islamic Relief as its ambassador. Islamic Relief, well known throughout the world for its humanitarian activities during natural disaster and conflicts. In the 2007 cyclone Sidr the organisation provided humanitarian assistance to more than a million affected people.
Islamic Relief is an international development organisation founded in 1984 in the UK and it provides opportunities to the extreme poor population by initiating income generating activities and skill development training

Just thought that I should mention this here.
I really dont know what his role will be and how busy he is playing cricket.

Originally Posted by akabir77
ash is going right direction and earning at least my respect...

All started from Jamal...
good find zain apu! agree with you akabir77 bhai, this is indeed a good direction for ashraful as a role model or just the human himself!
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